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A thank-you note to the dealer

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A thank-you note to the dealer

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Shandong fire extinguishers wholesale

  Dear dealers,

  Since the establishment of dingliang brand in 2008, with "dedication, excellence, innovation and transcendence" as the business direction, adhering to the "customer-oriented, market-oriented" business philosophy, with excellent quality, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service, we are committed to providing high-quality products to domestic and foreign customers.

  Now our company has advanced production equipment and the only open one for grooved pipe fittings production line, the country's longest touch paint line 3, 3 sets of large oil bed type cleaning equipment and advanced fully automatic CNC machine more than 200 sets, all kinds of precision test instruments: German imports spectrometer, before the furnace carbon analyzer, metallographic image analyzer, synthetic test equipment, sand test equipment, cast iron on the testing equipment, products laboratory equipment, etc., to ensure that each batch of product percent of pass.

  In the face of fierce market competition, dingliang's products are constantly updated and its quality is constantly improved. The people of dingliang are making greater efforts to finally achieve the largest scale in the industry and the largest market share in the country. Up to now, dingliang is the only manufacturer in the industry that has star endorsement. The star "kung fu prince" shi xiaolong visited the workshop of the factory and signed a contract. All kinds of environmental identification instructions, such as parking area instructions, department signs, outlets, etc. The latest packing cases of dingliang are carefully studied according to the human bearing mechanics, with reasonable size and convenient handling.

  In just a few years, dingliang has its own style and management philosophy. Its products can be imitated by competitors, but its brand is unique.

  On September 1, 2015, a major decision was made in the factory. The smoothness of black parts was improved to the highest quality. Meanwhile, the paint was soaked in water for 24 hours without loss of paint. We refer to mike's color, but in the adhesion and corrosion resistance we made further ascension, through raw material and equipment improvement, surface roughness also rose by a step, the unified product, make it more cost-effective and competitive, at the same time has passed 3 c certification, such as only the last of the link.

  Dingliang has never been proud or given up. At this point, we have made a great change, regardless of the cost, fine carving! It is not only a piece of iron, but a real product with culture and connotation. The color adjustment enables users to remember the product of dingliang visually. The cast black improves the surface's fineness, making it feel not only usable but also appreciable when touched. Bolted rubber rings, the degree of spheroidization of the casting itself is strictly in accordance with national standards, so that users can not only install conveniently, but also rest assured.

  Dingliang has always promised to pay 1,000 yuan for the discovery of a hole through hole, which indicates that we have strict requirements on product quality. Thanks for your support to dingliang all the time! We will keep improving and advance with you!

  If you are our distributor, please forward it for us, and pay attention to the public platform of dingliang wechat, so that you can know more about us, so that we can communicate with our family. Every employee of dingliang can communicate with you and build warm support.

  Shandong dingliang shares with you, please pay attention!

  Shandong dingliang fire technology co. LTD

  Address: middle section of weijiao road, weifang, shandong, China

  Telephone: 0536-7670966

  Fax: 0536-7670866

  Email address:

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