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A full range of fire fighting products, Chinese Lottery

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A full range of fire fighting products, Chinese Lottery

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Fire extinguisher manufacturer's address

  With the increasing attention of the government to the fire protection project, the improvement of the awareness of safety and prevention of residents and enterprises has made the domestic fire protection products industry get unprecedented promotion and development, the demand space of fire fighting products is also expanding, the fire industry in China is facing the unprecedented development opportunities. On the basis of full investigation and research, we will invest 150 million yuan to build an annual output of 10 million boxes of various kinds of fire fighting equipment products.

  The speed of the tripod, creating the myth of the industry

  The fire fighting product of Ding Liang is located in the Kowloon Industrial Park in Weifang. It covers an area of 50 mu, with a building area of 50000 square meters. The modern office building, continuous workshop, raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are neatly and standardized, which create conditions for the more smooth, scientific and fine management of the process. From the construction of the construction to the project for 6 months, the fire fighting products began to put into operation in January 2017 and began to go on the market in March. The product certification for 8 months obtained the product inspection report and more than 80 3C certificates. The miracle of the domestic fire fighting industry.

Fire extinguisher manufacturer's address

  The layout of the product line is in full swing and highlights the advantages

  The company's fire fighting products include a series of indoor and external bolt series, gun buckle series, water system series, water belt series, spray series, fire extinguisher series, gas fire extinguisher series, foam fire extinguishing series, valve series, and so on. The company pays more attention to the market development strategy, the length and width of the product line. Domestic fire industry first, the realization of Nissan indoor bolt 10 thousand, 40 thousand fire extinguishers, 80 thousand meters of water belt, spray head 80 thousand, for the company and the majority of distributors to further expand the fire market, to improve the market share to lay a solid foundation.

  Automatic production equipment to improve production efficiency

  In order to better improve production efficiency, the company has invested nearly one hundred million yuan to introduce advanced automation production and testing equipment at home and abroad, including 8 CNC machining centers, 110 CNC machine tools, 160 new energy-saving circular looms, 7 full automatic fire extinguisher tube welding lines, 6 filling lines, 12 large automatic feeding, 12 blanking blanking beds, and all of them. Automatic spraying line 3, 300 tons full automatic mechanical arm die-casting machine 5, the only one domestic production of 80 tons of automatic dust-free dry powder fire extinguishing equipment. In order to control the quality of products, the company has invested nearly ten million yuan to build a comprehensive laboratory, special laboratory, procurement of various kinds of experiments, laboratory equipment instruments, testing level of the industry First of all, strict control has been exercised from the import of raw materials to the export of finished products.

Fire extinguisher manufacturer's address

  Give full play to the advantages of casting and strengthen the competitive strength

  The company makes full use of the existing technical force and consummate spheroidal graphite cast iron technology. It is the only enterprise in the domestic fire fighting industry from each casting mold design, processing to production, all of which are spheroidal graphite cast iron. All of the castings are made of ductile iron, and all production lines are produced to reduce production costs and better control. The product quality is in line with the national QT450 - 10 ductile iron material and process requirements.     

  The appearance and finish of the products reach the leading level in China.

  Close the material and reduce the cost

  As we all know, Shandong province and even the neighboring Hebei province are all the major provinces and steel provinces in China. The raw materials are very rich, the raw material procurement is very convenient, the cost of transportation is about 200 yuan per ton of fire enterprises in Fujian and Zhejiang. The company has now cooperated with Jigang and Japan steel, and all steel plates and steel mills are needed for fire extinguishers and coils. All direct supply, and specially tailored beam size, does not produce waste, greatly saving production costs.

Fire extinguisher manufacturer's address

  The new product is strained to prepare.

  In order to meet the requirements of the majority of customers, the company's production, technology and certification departments are working day and day, working overtime, anti collision suppositories, anticollision bolts, wall pump adapters, various types of portable dry powder extinguishers, trolley type extinguishers, seven fluoro propane, and foam tanks all entered the trial production stage since August 2017. The market has been sold in succession.

Fire extinguisher manufacturer's address

  Unify the image of the store and improve the brand awareness

  In order to improve the brand image of the company, strengthen the awareness of the channel and the end customers to the company brand, the company has started the whole national dealer's unified standard store image and the enterprise logo activity since 2016. Up to now, nearly 200 dealer stores in the country have been upgraded, laying the foundation for the implementation and service of the company's later standardization. It also strengthens the confidence and cohesion of dealers to enterprises and enhances the competitiveness of the company's brand.

  The introduction of new products is inseparable from the hard work of all Dingliang people, the strong support from all walks of life, and the storms of all dealers. Ding Liang's innovation step is more robust, the strategic layout is more perfect, the road of development is more and more broad, Ding Liang will hand in hand with the general partners to the high-end strategy, and strive to create a better tomorrow.

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