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Common problems in building fire facilities - fire extinguisher manufacturers wholesale to explain

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Common problems in building fire facilities - fire extinguisher manufacturers wholesale to explain

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1. The service life of fire detectors is overdue. The service life of domestic probes is generally around 30,000 hours, and the service life of world-renowned fire detectors is up to 60,000 hours. However, some alarm systems in buildings have not been replaced, repaired or cleaned after more than ten years. The sensitivity of detectors cannot meet the work needs at all, and the fire information obtained cannot be accurate, which may delay the alarm timing and cause disaster, which is a major fire hazard.

2. The annual inspection of automatic alarm system is improper. Some units cannot adhere to annual inspection, some test methods are not standardized, test results lack reliability. Some units perfunctory to legal annual inspection.

3. Some units are lax in the management of building fire control facilities, and fail to maintain the automatic alarm system at ordinary times.

4. Some automatic alarm systems cannot be connected with fire extinguishing systems and other fire fighting facilities, and the function of fire fighting facilities system is defective, which is common in buildings in the late 1980s and 1990s.

5. In some units, the fire control room is not equipped with enough personnel on duty at ordinary times. Less than two people are on duty. Don't fill in the duty record carefully.

6. There is a problem with the fire power supply, which cannot ensure that the automatic alarm system will automatically switch to work in case of power failure.

7. When building fire control facilities are upgraded or configured, the design is not reasonable and cannot be connected with other systems of the original equipment.

8. The automatic alarm system is abandoned and self-extinguishing without application or report. This kind of situation proportion is not small, belong to major fire hidden danger.

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